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The rise of ADHD cases expresses not simply a more accurate rate of diagnosis, nor to the revelation of a problem that belongs to the nature of “the human condition.” It is also the psychological manifestation of, which is to say an identification with, the undercurrent of a particular modern form of group dynamics as organized by political and economic activities. Simplified, the logic runs: the single individual is incapable (i.e., made incapable) of organizing subjective experience because subjective experience is a means to an end of political and economic activity. Subjective experience requires objective circumstances that determine subjective ends. Yet, where there is no distance between the actual and the possible, to determine means at the same time to realize. That objective circumstances determine subjective ends means, therefore, objective circumstances realize subjective experience. The single individual is consumed in the act of consumption. In ADHD, the object of attention consumes attention: the self reflection of the subject becomes a mirror of the environment reproducing itself. Hitherto the Enlightenment conceived of nature as a chaotic potential to be controlled, harvested, and capitalized on by means of knowledge; ADHD presents the inner life of the single individual as ripe for cultivation by the products of knowledge.